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About Healthy Stables Design by John Blackburn with Beth Herman Healthy Stables by Design is a museum‐quality coffee table book that illustrates.
Blackburn’s approach to equestrian architecture through dramatic photography and compelling writing. It introduces the concepts of aerodynamic ventilation,
strategic natural light and passive solar heating and cooling into significant horse barn designs ranging from exquisite to functional.
About John Blackburn John Blackburn serves as the President and Senior Principal of Blackburn Architects, a Washington, D.C . firm. He has 35 years of expertise in architecture and 30 years of work focusing specifically on equestrian architecture with more than 160 horse farm designs to his credit. His award‐winning work is widely
known for its beauty, functionality and sustainability.
Blackburn has built facilities for racing, polo, hunters and jumpers and Quarter Horses in a variety of climates and evolving site conditions and he has been
featured in dozens of equestrian, architecture and luxury lifestyle publications.